Focusing on European tour of Taier 丨Taier’s international strategy is further upgraded

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        From June 22 to July 3, Tai Zhengbiao, chairman of Taier, and his group visited Spain, Germany and Italy, which promotes further upgrading of Taier’s international strategy. Through this visit, which is designed to carry out in-depth exchanges in market, technology, quality, delivery, cost and management and achieve technical cooperation & development, strategic cooperation agreement, strategic pattern and management & control capabilities, and deep integration of culture, Taier’s circle of friends will be much wider and like-minded international partners will work with Taier to face the global economic development.

      【June 24, Spain

        On June 24, local time, chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group visited Sarralle Group in Spain and communicated with Mr. Elias, CEO of Sarralle Group, accompanied by Mr. Xabier, CBO of Sarralle Group, Ms. Leire, marketing director, Mr. Gorka, general manager of the Steel Rolling Department, Ms. Marian, purchasing manager, etc.


▲Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group visited Sarralle Group in Spain


▲Chairman Tai Zhengbiao was communicating with Mr. Elias, CEO of Sarralle Group


▲Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group were visiting the workshop of Sarralle

        Sarralle Group was founded in 1965 and its headquarter is located in Azpeitia, Spain. Its business covers environment, energy and metallurgical industry in 7 countries around the world, with steel business accounting for about 80% of its total business.

        Mr. Elias expressed his thanks and welcome to the arrival of chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group, during the discussion, the executives of Sarralle Group introduced the development history, business composition and future direction of the company and described the current situation of cooperation with Taier in details.  

        Chairman Tai Zhengbiao shared his experience of setting up Taier, as well as the development strategy, management model, technical advantages, corporate culture, etc. of Taier with Mr. Elias and his team and invited Mr. Elias to visit Taier in 2019, and Mr. Elias accepted the invitation with great pleasure.


▲Discussion and exchange between the executives of the two parties

        After the meeting, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Sarralle Group will introduce Taier’s products into its global sales network; meanwhile, full discussion on the cooperation in developing the Chinese market was made between Taier and Sarralle Group.

      【June 25-29, Germany

        From June 25 to June 29, local time, METEC 2019 was held in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Taier debuts at the exhibition with its “intelligent” concept of metallurgical equipment, and makes a centralized display of its intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management by means of posters, brochures, videos, on-the-spot exchange, etc.

        The METEC is the largest comprehensive metallurgical exhibition in the world and is held every four years. With the theme of “Brilliant Metal World”, this exhibition has attracted 2,200 exhibitors and more than 80,000 buyers from all over the world, and internationally renowned metallurgical enterprises like SMS, ABB, Primetals, etc. also participated in the exhibition. Meanwhile, the presence of CFHI, SINOSTEEL MECC, ANSTEEL, Taier and other Chinese enterprises in the exhibition once again reveals China’s growing influence in the global metallurgical industry. 


▲Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group participated in the 2019 METEC

        At the exhibition site, Taier competes with international first-class brand companies and attracts many corporate customers in metallurgy and related industries from Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Italy, Russia, Turkey, China, etc. to stop for visiting. Taier’s highlights of digitization, information and intelligentization; full industrial layout of five series of products; 3D 4S marketing service model, etc. have received extensive attention and professional recognition.

        In this exhibition, Taier conducted in-depth exchanges with more than 40 customers from India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United States, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Russia, etc., closed the deal with some customers on site and reached the intention of orders with some customers, meanwhile, Taier also made in-depth communication with some customers on future cooperation and signed global strategic cooperation agreements with some of them.


▲Taier’s booth debuts at the MTTEC


▲On-the-spot communication at Taier’s booth

        In recent years, Taier has frequently debuted at international booths and participated in large-scale international exhibitions including Brazil Steel Market Conference and Exhibition, China International Metallurgical Industry Expo, India International 4M Industrial Exhibition to promote international development of China’s industry via digital manufacturing, intelligent products and services.

        In this exhibition, Taier has fully demonstrated its powerful comprehensive strength as “a leading enterprise in the field of metallurgical equipment manufacturing”, and the international popularity and reputation of Taier are further enhanced. In the future, Taier will aim high, be quick at learning and properly build the platform based on the strategic planning of “one objective, two research institutes, three intelligences and four platforms” to achieve “International Taier, Centennial Taier”!  

      【July 2, Italy

        On July 2, local time, chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group visited Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Italy, they were warmly welcomed by Mr.Cruder, the vice president of Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Wang Gang, the planning & procurement supervisor of China, and their group, and conducted in-depth exchanges. They were satisfied with the cooperation in early stages, conducted in-depth exchange of views on the shortcomings of future development and reached a consensus, and the two parties said that they will have deeper cooperation, support and promotion in terms of technological innovation, business management concepts and customer service.

        Tai Zipeng, the vice chairman of Taier, Peng Yao, the deputy general manager, et al. attended the meeting.


▲Chairman Tai Zhengbiao and his group paid a return visit to Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Italy

        With headquarters in Italy, Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a century-old steel industry equipment manufacturer, one of the world’s three well-known metallurgical equipment manufacturers and has factories or offices in 17 countries around the world. From initial cooperation in 2006 to first signing of a strategic agreement in 2014, Taier has established all-round cooperation with Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. from products to technology. 

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