Rolling Mill Housing Frame — Laser Cladding Remanufacturing

Rolling Mill Housing Frame — Laser Cladding Remanufacturing

Rolling mill housing frame is also called rolling mill stand, which is used to install the roller, roller bearing, roller adjustment device, guide equipment, etc. and is also an important load-carrying component in the rolling equipment. It is usually made of ordinary steel castings and its casting process determines that the body surface does not have high strength, corrosion resistance and other performance. Continuous impact load results in permanent deformation of related fitting and mounting surfaces of the rolling mill, meanwhile, it is further deteriorated due to corrosion of the material, which results in inaccurate positioning of the working roll and the backup roll and excessive movement of the roll bearing chock in the rolling mill stand, making it difficult to effectively control the clearance between the rolling mill housing frame and the roll bearing chock.

We carry out on-site repair and remanufacturing of the rolling mill housing frame by using the laser measuring and tracking equipment, special mobile machining equipment for on-site repair and mobile laser cladding equipment, which have the advantages of high repair precision, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the cladding layer, excellent flatness and smooth finish of the contact surface, therefore, the service life of the rolling mill housing frame is significantly improved, the rolling precision is guaranteed and the product quality is improved.


Excellent performances:

High dimensional accuracy after repair of the rolling mill housing frame

With the adoption of on-site roughing of the machine tool, laser cladding by the machine tool instead of the manipulator and on-site finishing of the machine tool after laser cladding, it breaks the traditional repair method of removing the machine tool after on-site roughing, installing the manipulator for laser cladding, removing the manipulator and carrying out manual polishing after laser cladding. After repair, the degree of finish, dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerance of the rolling mill housing frame will be 100% restored to the original design requirements.

Excellent cladding performance of the rolling mill housing frame 

Our company has developed a specialized powder for arches with high anti-corrosion, strong wear resistance and hardness. It solves the problem of pressure feeding and prevents the cracking in the hardening layer due to significantly improvement of the hardness gradient. Through re-manufacturing and repair, the function of the equipment can be well improved. The annual abrasion loss of the surface is ≦0.05 mm/year and the service life is ≥10 years.

Full life-cycle management of the rolling mill housing frame 

We have developed a full life-cycle management plan of the rolling mill housing frame including testing, diagnosis, expert team consultation, review, technical solutions, modeling and simulation operation, online implementation, follow-up status maintenance. The product will be repaired in a high-quality and high-efficient manner based on a detailed network work plan.


Laser Remanufacturing of Drive Shaft, Stepped Plate ...

Laser Remanufacturing of Drive Shaft, Stepped Plate And Other Product Series

Laser additive remanufacturing technology (laser deposition manufacturing LMD technology) is to deposit a thin layer of metal on the base material through laser heat source. It has the advantages of low heat input of substrate, small heat impact, high cooling rate, small grain size, metallurgical bonding, high bonding strength, etc. 



Introduction of laser cladding products of Taier

Stepped cushion plate: the stepped cushion device for hot continuous rolling is installed on the upper part of the back-up roll chock and the AGC cylinder to achieve roll gap parting adjustment of the rolling mill and plate thickness control and compensate for variations in the diameter of different rolls. We have adopted laser cladding technology to enhance the stepped cushion plate surface remanufacturing, in this way, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are significantly improved, and the service life is increased by more than 5 times compared with the conventional quenching.

Drive shaft: the drive shaft for steel rolling production line is mainly composed of the middle connecting shaft, joint, flat head sleeve and other key components; under the working environment of high temperature, high humidity and high strength, related parts may be seriously corroded, worn and damaged. We adopt laser cladding technology to conduct laser cladding remanufacturing repair of key components of the drive shaft and reinforcement of new products, and the stability and service life of the products are greatly improved.


Pictures of laser remanufacturing products


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