Taier Group signed a Digital Project Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Siemens

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        On July 17, Taier Group signed a Digital Project Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Siemens in the conference room of the shareholders’ general meeting of the Taier Administrative Building. Qiu Chuqun, Vice President of Siemens Industry Software, Wang Qiling, Technical Director of Greater China, Xia Weihua, Technical Director of Simcenter, Greater China, Huang Sheng, Technical Director of Solid Edge, Greater China, Huang Kai, Senior Consultant of Digital Manufacturing in China, and Wang Jieping, Senior Channel Manager, attended the signing ceremony.

        Chairman Tai Zhengbiao, Deputy General Manager Tai Zipeng, Deputy General Manager Xia Qinghua, Vice President Peng Yao, Financial Director Dong Wenkui, Director of Production and Operations Feng Chunlan, Director of Information Management Center Lu Lin, and Deputy Director of Technology Center Zhu Changjiang, et al attended this signing ceremony.


▲Scene of Taier Group and Siemens Symposium


▲Tai Zipeng and Qiu Chuqun Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Behalf of Both Parties

        Qiu Chuqun introduced Siemens’ latest developments, achievements and understanding of digitalization, and demonstrated the brand and technological advantages of Siemens as a leading supplier of advanced industrial software and industrial intelligence in the world.

        According to Mr. Qiu, Taier is a leading enterprise in the field of metallurgical equipment manufacturing in China and a reliable strategic partner. Currently, Taier has great influence in the market, products and services of the metallurgical industry. Siemens will fully support the vision of “International Taier and Centurial Taier” and strengthen the cooperation between the two parties in strategy, technology, team building and training, propagandizing and popularizing, so as to jointly expand China and the global market, and create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win.


▲Qiu Chuqun, Vice President of Siemens Industry Software Made Speech

        In Tai Zhengbiao’s speech, as a century-old enterprise, Siemens has always been a leader and innovator of industrial transformation, and is a well-deserved, global leader in industrial manufacturing software and services. Taier is a young company with the same ideals and pursuits for the industrialization of the entire society and for the future of industrialization. In the constant innovation, Taier keeps transformation to constantly enrich and deepen its own products, and constantly build industry chain, ecological chain, innovation chain and value chain.

        Taier’s responsibility, mission and responsibility require that we must match the development needs of the intelligent era with a global vision and the highest quality resources of globalization. At present, Taier is carrying out in-depth management transformation to build a digital enterprise based on value management around intelligent manufacturing strategy, realizing digitalization of enterprises and value chain interconnection and interoperability through digitalization of products, digitalization of manufacturing and digitalization of operations, laying a foundation for intelligent manufacturing. This cooperation is an important component of Taier’s comprehensive management reform and a key link towards Industry 4.0. Taier is full of confidence to cooperate with Siemens.


▲Tai Zhengbiao, Chairman of Taier Group Made Speech

        After the signing ceremony, Mr. Qiu and his entourage visited the Taier’s General Business Division, Reeling Division and the Test and Detection Center, to experience the achievements of Taier in promoting digitalization, informatization, and intelligent construction, and show the spirit of Taier’s “excellent governance and pursuit of excellence”.


▲Qiu Chuqun and his Entourage Visited Taier

        After the visit, Siemens Industrial Software also organized a digital project intensive training in Taier. Wang Qilin, Technical Director of Greater China, Huang Kai, Senior Consultant of Digital Manufacturing in Greater China, and Xia Weihua, Technical Director of Simcenter in Greater China, made the training of “Siemens Digital Factory’s Own Practice and Promotion Experience”, “Manufacturing Simulation Technology of Siemens Digital Factory Solution” and “Product Simulation Technology of Siemens Digital Factory Solution” respectively.


▲Training Scene of Siemens Industrial Software

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