Taier Group undertakes ITSS’ 2019 and CNTSC’ 2019

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        Themed with “adapt to trend of industrial development, promote upgrading of products, train to build a technical team, establish quality service and reputation”, between October 22nd and 25th, the International Thermal Spraying Seminar’ 2019 (ITSS’ 2019) and China National Thermal Spraying Conference’ 2019 (CNTSC’ 2019) sponsored by Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, undertaken by Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was held in Ma’anshan. 


        ITSS and CNTSC is the largest professional meeting in the thermal spraying industry. About 330 domestic and overseas representatives attended this seminar and conference, reaching a new high among the participant records for years. The attending units basically covered the key industries in China such as iron and steel, metallurgy, electronics, automobile, petrochemical industry, aviation, aerospace, ships, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, new energy, transportation, power, military industry and so on, fully manifesting the meeting’s cross-industry, cross-department, cross-region, cross-ownership enterprise natures and advantages. At the same time, the meeting also collected more than 20 special reports and 16 papers with rich contents and high technical level.


        During the two-day meeting between 23rd and 24th, Zhou Kesong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Huang Xiaoou, former chairman of China Surface Engineering Association and Honorary Chairman of Thermal Spraying Committee, Wu Chaojun, Chairman of Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, Researcher of Aerospace Research Institute of Materials &Processing Technology, and other well-known experts and companies in thermal spraying industry at home and abroad were invited to introduce the latest news and products of domestic and foreign thermal spraying technology, look forward to the development and application trend of thermal spraying in the new century, discuss the technological and economic cooperation in domestic and foreign thermal spraying industry, so as to expend application fields, create trade opportunities and boost thermal spraying enterprises to become domestic and foreign markets oriented.


▲Meeting scene

        On the morning of October 23rd, at the opening ceremony of the conference, Academician Zhou Kesong addressed the conference, Chairman Wu Chaojun and Tai Zhengbiao, President of Taier Group respectively delivered a welcome speech to the attendees.


▲Zhou Kesong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, addresses the meeting


▲Wu Chaojun, Chairman of Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, Researcher of Aerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processing Technology delivers a welcome speech


▲Tai Zhengbiao, President of Taier Group, delivers a welcome speech

        President Tai Zhengbiao thanked the association for giving Taier the opportunity to learn from, exchange views with and serve the top-level industry experts, scholars, professors and guests across the industry. Taier would try its best to do various service works well. Taier was very honored to be part of thermal spraying industry at a crucial time of development, and it would hold fast to make contributions to equipment remanufacturing, national defense and industrial progress.

        During the meeting, the attendees spoke out freely, scrambled to raise questions and conducted active discussions. The atmosphere at the meeting was lively and ordered. Rich and splendid reports and scientific and productive arguments obtained consistent affirmation and praise of the attendees. The representatives expressed the hope that in the future, they would take this as an opportunity to work together to promote the faster and better development of thermal spraying in China.


▲A representative raises question

        The Sixth Congress of Members and the Second Session of Sixth Council (Plus) of the Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association was held at the same time.

         On the afternoon of 24th, more than 250 representatives paid a field visit to Taier Group.



▲The representatives visit the factory of  Taier Group

        The successful holding of this conference has promoted the development of thermal spraying industry in China, which is of great significance to improve the technical level of thermal spraying, summarize, communicate and popularize new applications, and develop scientific research achievements.

Derivative reading:

Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association

      Affiliated to China Surface Engineering Association, with a secretariat located in Beijing and more than 900 registered group members. The member units come from machinery, chemical industry, iron and steel, aviation, aerospace, petroleum, electronics, coal, automobile, military industry, ships, nonferrous metals, light industry, energy, transportation, power, building materials and other industries.

Adhering to the industry-rooted, service-oriented concept, the Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association is dedicated to serving the thermal spraying industry and members. It gives full play to the organizing and coordinating role of Thermal Spraying Branch in thermal spraying industry, and correctly guides the development and application of thermal spraying industry in equipment, materials, technology and application. Facing the domestic and foreign markets, it aims to further approach to the level of thermal spraying developed countries in terms of technical level and economic benefits, making China’s thermal spraying truly move towards the world and become in line with international standards and pushing China’s thermal spraying to step into new phase, so as to boost the rapid, healthy and innovative development of thermal spraying industry in China.

Thermal spraying

        As a kind of surface strengthening technique, thermal spraying is an important part of surface engineering technology and a vital technical means in the remanufacturing engineering of equipment in our country. It is also a new technical project mainly popularized by the country.

        Since the reform and opening up, thermal spraying technology has been applied in both military and civilian fields, which has achieved dramatic progress and growth and has made a great contribution to the national defense construction and industrial progress of China.

        In recent years, thermal spraying technology has been widely applied in semiconductor, nuclear power, new energy, LED, environmental protection and other fields. It is believed that with the emergence of new technologies of thermal spraying such as cold spraying, ultra-low pressure spraying, high-speed laser deposition and increasingly becoming mature, they are bound to make more contributions to China’s national economy.

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