The Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Visits Taier for Communication, and Reaches a Preliminary Consensus on Cooperation

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        On September 7-8, director Huang Liang and professor Chang Xinchun of the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Taier. Tai Zhengbiao, chairman of Taier, Tai Zipeng, general manager of Taier, Huang Xiaoou, honorary chairman of the Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association and special expert of Taier, Huang Dongbao, general manager of Tenric, Ge Yanfei, deputy director of the Technology Center of Taier, Dong Zhenqi, director of the Technology R&D Center of Taier, Zhu Changjiang, director of the Engineering Institute of Taier, etc. accompanied the visit and attended the symposium. 


        At the symposium, the two parties made a brief introduction to their respective situations. Li Peng, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented the basic research and applied research results of the materials in terms of the world’s leading technology, major national needs and national economy including aerospace engineering, high-speed rail projects, marine engineering, biomedical science, etc. Through communication and exchange, mutual understanding between the two parties has been enhanced, laying a foundation for targeted technical cooperation. 

        Chairman Tai Zhengbiao extended a warm welcome to director Huang Liang, professor Chang Xinchun, etc., and expected that the two parties would carry out multi-faceted and multi-level cooperation by making use of their advantages to jointly promote technological upgrading of metallurgical equipment and work together for high-quality development of China’s industry. During the exchange, the two parties conducted in-depth communication and exchange of views on the cooperation direction and goals, and more in-depth cooperation will be carried out in the next step. 

        Established in 1953, the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the first institutes newly built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and is also an important base for the research & development of high-performance materials in China. It has China’s first national research center in the field of materials—Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science. 

        The main subject directions and research fields include: design and preparation of ultra-high performance materials at the nanometer scale, superstructure materials resistant to harsh environment, failure mechanism and protection technology of metallic materials, material preparation and processing technology, calculation-based material and process design, new energy materials and biological materials, etc. 

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