World Brand Global Trust—Three Important Messages are Release at the 2020 Semi-annual Summary & Planning Meeting of Taier

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        From August 19 to 20, the 2020 semi-annual summary & planning meeting of Taier was successfully held in the multifunctional lecture hall of the Administration Building. A total of more than 120 people attended the meeting, including the company’s middle-level and above management personnel, core backbones. 


Inheritance and relay—Tai Zipeng accepted the letter of appointment to take up his post of the General Manager of Taier

        This meeting witnesses Taier’s inheritance. Tai Zipeng, deputy general manager of Taier, took over the letter of appointment from chairman Tai Zhengbiao to formally become the General Manager of Taier. He will be fully responsible for internal operation, management, etc. of the company, lead Taier to meet new opportunities and challenges, and open a new chapter for Taier. 

Firm and clear—Chairman Tai Zhengbiao sent verbal messages to the General Manager and put forward the four upholdings

        Chairman Tai Zhengbiao delivered a keynote speech on “World Brand  Global Trust” at the meeting. He sent verbal messages of responsibility, independence, and innovation to the General Manager Tai Zipeng. 

        Responsibility: achieve the annual goals; properly implement the company culture, and put the values and culture into practice; continuously enhance capabilities and improve strategic space

        Independence: think objectively; have your own solutions and opinions for problem-solving; make quick and decisive decisions and actions

        Innovation: constantly challenge new goals; constantly learn and explore new knowledge and methods; constantly pursue new heights

        During his speech, chairman Tai Zhengbiao reviewed the development of Taier, analyzed the market environment, and pointed out that we must adjust and adapt to the trend of development. He also put forward four upholdings for development in the second half of the year: 

        Uphold the enterprise development strategy

        Overall strategy—one goal, two research institutes, three intelligences, four platforms

     Product strategy—new product manufacturing, surface technology and remanufacturing, general contracting of products, production line services, intelligent operation & maintenance

        Market strategy—product positioning, market share, market scale, service model, brand

        Technology strategy—intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation & maintenance

        Marketing strategy—five-in-one marketing system + three-dimensional integrated marketing model

        International strategy—market internationalization, business internationalization, management internationalization, talent internationalization

        Uphold the value management model

        To build the industry’s first ability to create, compete and develop, build the employees’ ability to operate, manage and develop, and achieve value creation, value evaluation, and value distribution

        Uphold the brand strategy

        Leading technical standards, leading quality standards, leading quality control, leading service standards, leading technological innovation capabilities, and leading brand control system

        Uphold the talent strategy

        Talent structure, knowledge structure, age structure

       Chairman Tai Zhengbiao said that “system-based, indicator-oriented, development as the soul”, and the development of Taier relies on the sense of responsibility and habit. We must uphold the enterprise spirit of “Diligent management, Excellence pursuit”, and carry out and implement the behavioral habits of four essences, four diligences, and four beliefs to do the right things and do the things right! 

      Finally, Chairman Tai Zhengbiao encouraged all employees to remember that: the demand of customers is our pursuit, the development of employees is the foundation of enterprise development, and it is the enterprise’s responsibility to contribute to social development. 

          Team spirit and responsibility—15 core strengths for achieving annual goals

        The 15 core strengths have comprehensively summarized the achievements in the first half of 2020 from four aspects: target plan realization, indicator analysis, team growth goal realization, and value evaluation, which have also clarified the target plan, work plan, team growth goal and value evaluation goal for the second half of 2020. The meeting was designed to reflect the shortcomings, analyze the reasons, strengthen confidence, and clarify direction, which lays a solid foundation for the work in the second half of 2020. 

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